// NEW // from Flowntrees North London @flowNtreesmusic

// NEW // from Flowntrees North London @flowNtreesmusic


You may remember one of our favourite up and coming acts from North London we wrote about FlowNtrees (if you missed the post read it here http://whenmiparty.com/2013/05/24/bank-holiday-beats-fresh-new-london-tunes/ ).  We checked in with them recently to find out what’s new.  Well a couple of days ago Flowntrees released a NEW Single from SCRAPJONES new mixtape Called MY TIME.  Have a watch below:

To be honest we didnt think it compared to some of their original tunes.  It has a much more aggressive street rap vibe and has lost that sweet chilled vibe the boys are famous for.  Maybe thats because Gats doesnt feature on this tune?  We’re not sure why the boys seem to be focusing on single projects – a management decision perhaps?  Anyhow .. Gats has his own single out too.  Theres a lot of echo on that mic, but his voice hasn’t lost that nate dogg meets snoop sound.  Here’s ‘Oogie Boogie

Without leaving anyone else, Tizzle Kazim also has his own single ‘Lizzy‘.  Kazim can definately handle his own – a rapper in his own right.

We love these guys, but we think their sound is sweetest when they are rocking together. Here’s ‘Old School‘ Cant wait to see what they work on, collaboratively, next.

Aspiring Artists / musicians looking for collabs and connects: BBC 1EXTRA DJ TARGET’S Twitter Project – #targetsnoticeboard


If, like us, you listen to BBC 1Xtra, you’ll already be familiar with this genius idea championed by DJ Target.  The twitter hashtag #TARGETSNOTICEBOARD was started recently for new and unsigned artists (anywhere in the world) to get their work featured online and even live on air during DJ Target’s show – how amazing is this opportunity for artists struggling to get noticed in the industry?!

Here are a few up and coming artists fresh off the noticeboard today:

1.  Young Slugz with ‘Perfection’ (they’re looking for a female vocalist for their tracks)

2.  Roll One Up – Drama Feat Jamie Lewis @jayeluk @gmta drama

Dizzee goes WILD with Jessie J and Big Sean


Have you heard the new single from Jessie J?  Radios started playing it a couple of weeks back but the more you listen, the better it sounds.  Jessie J is getting back to her grittier roots by teaming up with original grime scene man Dizzee Rascal and American rapper Big Sean.  Ok, there’s still a bit of sugary pop in there, but the mixup between Jessie’s vocals, Dizzee’s grime and Big Sean’s rhymes works a treat.  The video shows Jessie J sporting her new shaved do – is she trying too hard to look like Wiz Khalifa’s Amber Rose? Tell us what you think…


10 things you didnt know about Shakka (the guy in the Wretch32 ‘Blackout’ tune)


You may have heard of Shakka recently because of his duo with Wretch32 ‘Blackout’ currently in the charts.  What a tuunnnee for the summer!  If, like us, you immediately fell for the guys velvety smooth vocals on the track, you’ll want to find out more … so here it is …. 10 things you didn’t know about Shakka.

1.  Shakka is of Dominican origin, and his father was guitarist and producer of reggae band “The Foreigners Crew”

2.  Shakka grew up in  Notting Hill, London, England

3.  He has a band called ‘The Shakkapellas’ that produce accapella covers on you tube

4.  Shakka can beat box 🙂

5.  Rita Ora wants to work with him

6.  Shakka likes to play his own version of ‘Simon Says’ during live performances called ‘Shakka Says’

7.  He was a runner-up in the MTV Brand New Unsigned 2013 competition

8.  Shakka describes his vibe as if he was “Bob Marley and Chris Martins love child (and Andre 3000‘s cousin)!!”

9.  Shakka has a single out called ‘Sooner or Later’ (watch it below)

10.  Shakka studied Music Production and Theory, Classical Piano, Percussion and Vocals at CYM (centre for young musicians) in London

‘Take our Time’ is also a pretty cool chilled song from Shakka – back from 2011. Enjoy…

Bank Holiday Beats – Fresh New London Tunes


Whatever you’re up to this bank holiday (lets face it if its raining it ain’t gonna be much!) here are some fresh new tunes straight out of London Taan to keep you in an ayre mood.

First up is T-Star (Juvenilez) with track “Carry Home” [Video By @PacmanTV] (follow them on twitter @TstarJVZ).  This track really grows on you.  They’ve done well for an upcoming group to get the perfect mix of beats, rhymin and  sweet vocals to break it all up.  Juvenilez are made up of 4 members (2 rappers and 2 singers):  AJ (14),  Gabriella (15), T-Star (14) & Indiana (13).  Serious talent for such youngsters – we predict great things for these guys!  If you wanna find out more have a look at their slick site:  http://juvenilez.com/

Second tune comes from our absolute favourites right now –  FlowNtrees.  Not only do these boys spit well, they are looking gooood too.  We’d describe their vibe as a mix of German hip hop group ‘Freundeskreis‘, meets ‘Bones Thugs and Harmony’ with a dosing of (vintage) Snoop Dogg thrown in.  Mellow is the name of their game.

They have a load of tunes you can watch on youtube, our favourite has to be a seriously chilled beat called ‘Lil Old School’.  It has a sexy slow beat and wreaks of 90s cool.  The vid on their trip to the Dam is worth a butchers too.  These boys like their Mary Jane 🙂 We’re hoping they’ll take time out for a WhenMiParty.com interview soon as we’d love to find more out about how they started and where they’re headin.  For now, roll a big one, sit back and listen to ‘Lil Old School’

Last but by no means least we wanted to tell you about a fierce lady called ‘frizz’.  A lady with serious rhymin skills.  We like her tune “One Mic” which starts off with a Phil Collins style sampler and chills out into an RnB beat.  Annoyingly all her vids are disabled for embedding so here is the link – watch right to the end for a mad hectic ending.  She good, she real good.

FRESH UK SOUNDS – LINK UP TV – SKORE and TWISS , Young Quincy and Ratlin


Link Up Tv is the Youtube channel for quality fresh new talent coming out of the UK, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you need to now (there is also an App in the Istore or on Google Play).  You can also listen to their sounds on Soundcloud here.  The platform showcases urban mostly unsigned artists from the UK.  Here are a few of our favourite ‘ones to watch’ :

Skore Beezy and Twiss Soprana (AKA Goodfellaz) – ‘Wishing’ will grow on you the more you listen to it.  Well balanced with a soft melody and  good lyrics.  The video is done well with quality production, the main guy is pretty easy on the eyez for the ladies too 😉 which always helps.  The duo are from Clapham Junction, London, UK.  Also worth a listen is their 2012 track ‘Thick as Thieves’.  Follow these guys on twitter @Twissgoodfellaz @SkoreGoodfellaz

Yung Quincy ft Ratlin – ‘Calm’.  Yung Quincy is a  Choice.fm Dancehall DJ (you can hear him every Saturday 2am – 4am).  Ratlin, 22,  is a talented rapper / grime / hip hop artist from West London, England.  Ratlin’s father was the Reggae record producer, Blacker Dread.  Ratlin came onto the urban music scene in 2011 with the release of 2 mixtapes “Youngest in Charge” and “Summertime in Mexico“, during the same year he was awarded and OMA and last year MTV identified him as the one to watch.  Ratlin released ‘Crown Me‘ in December 2012 and his first E.P “Infinite Possibilities” is out for release soon.  Follow Ratlin on Twitter @Ratlin

Check this mix from Link Up Tv