Get your tickets for the Shoreditch Warehouse Party – Jose Cuervo presents Skepta vs Joker – Saturday 8th June 2013


If you haven’t bought your tickets for Skepta vs Joker yet – do it now – this is going to be sic. LWE (London Warehouse Events) have established themselves as the ‘kings of the warehouse scene’. The night runs from 10pm – 5am and tickets are currently £15. Buy them here now

Skepta has just released his new single featuring Kano ‘Lay her Down’.  Check out the video here

Afrobeats Sundays – DJ Abrantee – do it

afrobeats abrantee

Following on from the success of the sold out Christmas Special, Afrobeats Sundays returns to the Indig02 on Sunday 26th May (bank holiday weekend).  Choice FM‘s DJ Abrantee will be performing with confirmed guests joining him on stage D Black (Oh Vera) and Joey B (strawberry ginger).  Two ticket options available and the night runs from 9pm to 4am.  Still some tickets available to buy here

If you wanna ‘try before you buy‘ you can check out Dj Abrantee every weekeday from 16.00 til 20.00 week days on Choice fm (listen live here ).  You can also buy DJ Abrantee – Afrobeats – the Ultimate Collection on itunes here

We’ll be there doing the Azonto on the night so check back for photos, videos and what we thought of the event 😉

Lil Kim’s first UK performance in 10 years – LOVEBOX Festival 2013

Lil Kim’s first UK performance in 10 years – LOVEBOX Festival 2013

Lil Kim's first UK performance in 10 years - Lovebox 2013

Its been announced that Lil Kim (aka Queen B) will be performing at the Victoria Park festival, LoveBox, this summer. Lil Kim will be performing on the Sunday of the 3 day festival according to the Lovebox website.

As a huge Lil Kim fan from back in the day, I’m tempted to get my tickets, but also worried she isnt going to cut it. Over the past 8 years she hasn’ been in the public eye much, bar a year inside and her flop album ‘The Naked Truth‘, oh and there was ‘Dancing with the Stars‘… need I say more? More recently she has featured her vocals on a couple of tracks and did release ‘If You Love Me’ on Valentines day 2012 – but there was so much autotune on her vocals I’m not sure it would be right to pass it off as 100% hers…..

Are you going to LoveBox? Let us know what you think of Lil Kim’s come back below. I always think its best to end on a high…..

Major Lazer – an act totally misunderstood


Confused is how I felt after the Major Lazer‘s performance at the roundhouse in Camden last Saturday night. Read on to find out why…..

First off I need to make it clear that I’ve been a fan of Diplo’s Major Lazer since the album ‘Guns dont kill people … Lazers do’ came out in June 2009.  The Jamaican Dancehall artists mixed over some dirty beats was a genius combination.

In fact their first album ‘Guns dont kill people … Lazers do’ was so authentic that I was seriously shocked when I found out the mastermind behind the project was a white ex school teacher from Florida called Thomas Wesley Pentz aka DIPLO .

The long-awaited 2nd album from Major Lazer came out this year on 16th April 2013.  Downloaded straight away I was stuck into those dancehall vibes and loved it as much as the 1st album.  The new album ‘Free the Universe’ definitely has a slightly more electronic dance feeling to it but the same jamaican vocals influence is still strong.  Indeed their soundcloud account sites them as being from Kingston, Jamaica.

So … Saturday night … what the hell happened guys?

I’ll give credit where credit is due – they gave one hell of a performance.  The light show was jammin, the dancers on stage were sic and the venue (Roundhouse) as always had a great atmosphere.  But I came to hear and get down low to Major Lazer – and I couldnt do that.

So why were my expectations so wrong?  I dont know … probably because I had the 2 albums to base them on.  Most of the night was spent playing Baauer ‘s Harlem Shake (which I guess is no big surprise as record label Mad Decent is Diplo’s) mixed in with literally 10 second snippets of a couple of dancehall tracks and randoms like House of Pain Jump Around.  The very few Major Lazer tunes they played were short-lived or transformed into new electronic trance versions that barely resembled the originals.

Not only did the music misrepresent what the 2 albums stand for, but I honestly felt at times that I was at a child’s birthday party with DIPLO and friends as the entertainment.  After we moved on from the Harlem shake (granted that was fun … but I didn’t go there to see that) we were asked to remove an item of clothing each, which basically meant that DIPLO was able to strip down and prance around like a pretty boy on stage.  I used to think the guy was a musical genius (which based on the albums – he is) and so modest to hide behind the ‘Major Lazer’ facade and Jamaican acts … but oh no …. think spring break shameless egotistic posing and thrusting.  In fact he gave the dream boys a run for their money.  Seriously … again … as sexy as the guy is … I didn’t come here for this.

What confused me even more was the crowd – not your average dancehall crew f’shaw.  Have they even seen the Pon de Floor video? No daggering in site …  Infact they looked better suited for a DJ Tiësto night, I’m talking neon glo flowers painted on faces and gap yar attire.  When I think about it – Diplo even catered to this by completing transforming the act that night for the young white crowd.  Only now after the gig have I looked at other performances and I can see they followed a set formula – a carefully structured ‘show’, rather than a musical performance.


Was it only me who left so dissapointed?  Leaving the venue & talking to other people from the crowd – they all LOVED it?!! How were my expectations so wrong?  Ultimately I can say the albums represent amazing music with an authentic Jamaican vibe and likewise the show seemed to entertain the masses through the acts crazy energy – but where to 2 meet still confuses me.  Answers on a postcard please…..

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

A$AP ROCKY to play Brixton

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky (Photo credit: Dj Linda Lovely)


A$AP Rocky (aka the more ordinary Rakim Mayers) the New York Harlem rapper whose mix tape brought him to fame in October 2011 will be playing The O2 Academy in Brixton on 22nd May 2013.  The rapper has support from other East Coast artists after performing with Kendrick Lamar at Drakes Club Paradise Tour.  Despite a relentless launch campaign tickets are still available .

Singles include ‘Goldie’ and more recently ‘Wild for the Night’ with Skrillex.  A$AP stands for “Always Strive and Prosper”, “Assassinating Snitches and Police”, and Rocky’s favorite, “Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose”.

Keep an eye out for post with our pictures from the night.

Zebra Katz going Mainstream?

Dazed & Confused June 2012

Dazed & Confused June 2012 (Photo credit: victorismaelsoto)

I became a fan of Zebra Katz after a friend forwarded me the video link to Ima Read featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx.  Ima Read is a repetitive rap with not much of a melody, but a captivating video that makes you want to watch more to find out why the duo are terrifyingly confrontational and what they’re going to do to the ‘bitch’.

Since then Ive tried to find new material but there doesnt seem to be a lot available online.  There have been a couple of cool live vids of acapela performances on the subway and in a bakery, but it was only recently that the rapper released ‘Y I do’.

So when it was announced last week that Zebra Katz was playing a one-off gig on 6th June 2013 at OXYO Shoreditch I couldnt resist but get tickets.  The announcement coincided with the release of a video for ‘Y I Do’.  Cool video, nice tune, not as good as Ima Read.  Intro reminds me of Faithless.

zebra katz

It comes as no suprise that Diplo’s label Mad Decent is behind Zebra Katz (who is also responsible for Major Lazer – dont miss our review of their gig at The Roundhouse, Camden next month).  We also predict Riff Raff as one to watch on the same label.  A quirky style, as is common on the Mad Decent label.  Tongue in Cheek video.  Riff Raff’s rapping is questionable, but his singing voice gives him more credit and has aires of Nate Dogg.

Watch this space for our post from the night and pictures