Rihanna “Pour it up” – Who can compete?  Ladies – any takers??

Rihanna “Pour it up” – Who can compete? Ladies – any takers??

Rihanna‘s video for “Pour it Up” was released this week.  This video features Rihanna and a shit load of pole dancers, twerking around in a dark swimming pool whilst she sits up on her throne throwing dollar bills into the dark water…  The purpose of the video is basically for Rihanna to demonstrate that she looks amazing, is loaded, and will continue to do what it takes to try and shock.  After last weeks video for Mike WiLL Made-It “23″ ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J and Britney Spears new one “Work Bitch” it seems the trend is to strip and shock.  I think this video might even make the likes of Miley insecure….

// NEW VIDEO //  Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

// NEW VIDEO // Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

Awesome new video out for Drake‘s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan’ directed by Bill Pope.  This video features cameo appearances from Fredo Santana, Steven Bauer, Johnny Simmons, Majid Jordan and A$AP Rocky among others.  It’s a Miami 1980s style “The bad guy stole the girl” feature film and suprise suprise, Drizzy is the hero that saves her!  I know you’ll all be asking who the model is, her name is Ashley Moore (Justin Beibers girl).  Loving the quote “Make it hard to spot the general, by working like a soldier”ashley

Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision – if in doubt throw in the naked ladies

Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision – if in doubt throw in the naked ladies

tunnel vision justin timberlake

It’s pretty sad that this year we’ve seen major desperation when it comes to chart success.  Established artists are no longer confident to rely on their musical talent – oh no – apparently we need full on naked females girating around on the videos to create a buzz.  First off we have Robin Thicke and Pharell with ‘Blurred Lines’ and now ageing Justin Timberlake is taking a leaf out of their book with ‘Tunnel Vision’.  Is Justin incapable of producing a record without Timberland there to hold his hand?? #justsaying


The song itself, Tunnel Vision, has the same old formula that all Timberlake songs have: fast/slightly manic background beat, some fast lyrics from JT with a melodic chorus layered over the top – and ofcourse random input from rapper Timberland in the distant background.  The song isnt anything special; the best thing about it is the atmospheric synthesizer / organ used in the intro and throughout – definately adds a uniqueness to the track.  The video is trying to be too arty in a failed cover up at using fully waxed naked models to project JT’s face onto.  I think its time to throw in the towel if the only way you get noticed as an artist is to make your vids visually explicit like this – dont you?

T.I. & Cee Lo Green – a suprisingly good mix


Atlanta’s baby faced rapper T.I (aka Clifford Harris) is back and this time he’s teamed up with an unlikely suitor – Cee Lo Green.  Despite serving two stints in county jail, T.I. has managed to continue producing and writing and now releases his 9th Album (at only 32 years old) entitled ‘Trouble Man II: He Who Wears the Crown’; the album features Kendrick Lamar amongs others.  T.I. keeps himself busy with an acting career as well has as his music and record label (Grand Hustle Records) and is currently filming his part in movie ‘Last Vegas’.

T.I.’s record label, Grand Hustle Records, signed both Iggy Azalea and Chipmunk in 2012.  T.I. also executive produced Iggy Azalea’s mixtape EP ‘Glory’ and he also appeared in her song ‘Murda Bizness’

Bank Holiday Beats – Fresh New London Tunes


Whatever you’re up to this bank holiday (lets face it if its raining it ain’t gonna be much!) here are some fresh new tunes straight out of London Taan to keep you in an ayre mood.

First up is T-Star (Juvenilez) with track “Carry Home” [Video By @PacmanTV] (follow them on twitter @TstarJVZ).  This track really grows on you.  They’ve done well for an upcoming group to get the perfect mix of beats, rhymin and  sweet vocals to break it all up.  Juvenilez are made up of 4 members (2 rappers and 2 singers):  AJ (14),  Gabriella (15), T-Star (14) & Indiana (13).  Serious talent for such youngsters – we predict great things for these guys!  If you wanna find out more have a look at their slick site:  http://juvenilez.com/

Second tune comes from our absolute favourites right now –  FlowNtrees.  Not only do these boys spit well, they are looking gooood too.  We’d describe their vibe as a mix of German hip hop group ‘Freundeskreis‘, meets ‘Bones Thugs and Harmony’ with a dosing of (vintage) Snoop Dogg thrown in.  Mellow is the name of their game.

They have a load of tunes you can watch on youtube, our favourite has to be a seriously chilled beat called ‘Lil Old School’.  It has a sexy slow beat and wreaks of 90s cool.  The vid on their trip to the Dam is worth a butchers too.  These boys like their Mary Jane 🙂 We’re hoping they’ll take time out for a WhenMiParty.com interview soon as we’d love to find more out about how they started and where they’re headin.  For now, roll a big one, sit back and listen to ‘Lil Old School’

Last but by no means least we wanted to tell you about a fierce lady called ‘frizz’.  A lady with serious rhymin skills.  We like her tune “One Mic” which starts off with a Phil Collins style sampler and chills out into an RnB beat.  Annoyingly all her vids are disabled for embedding so here is the link – watch right to the end for a mad hectic ending.  She good, she real good.