Goodbye Iggy Azalea – shame you couldn’t stay true to your roots


Iggy Azalea (aka Amethyst Amelia Kelly) the white girl rapper from Australia first got my attention when she released ‘Beat Down’ with Steve Aoki back in May 2012. I still love that tune, sic dirty beat and her intro rapping skills are amazing. Looking up her discography she comes across as a bad ass white gal spittin lyrics that would give Nicki Minaj a run for her money – a worthy contender to my record collection.

More recently she went mainstream and entered the charts with ‘Work’. In this tune (same old boring rap story) she explains how she came from nothing (“no money no family – sixteen in the middle of Miami”) and how now she’s wearing Louboutins. Is it the record labels that push these sob stories into their lyrics? Like seriously … how many times has that been done before and do we actually believe it? Lets be honest, do we actually care? Actually I quite like the tune, if you dont listen too much to the words, the melody and her rapping is spot on. Nice and consistent with her older material, Murda Bizness ft T.I, PU$$Y, I think she ready (awesome tune produced by Major Lazer’s DIPLO).

Now hold on … what the hell has happened here? So here we have her new single called ‘Bounce’ (available to download should you so wish on 30th June 2013). Some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to get all Bollywood up on that ass. I feel like its Nicki Minaj all over again – Deja Vu big time. The label has now pushed the teeny bop dance beat in there, made a pretty big budget video and Bob’s your uncle the authentic vibe has gone. Both girls got noticed because of their raw talent, they sold themselves to their labels and now they can’t appear without the plastic Hollywood effect. The fakeness detracts from the talent – we dont need all the glitz and glam – it only hazes over the skill they have.  But this stuff obviously sells records … otherwise they wouldnt do it.

I dont know why it upsets me so much when artists go off the track they sold themselves on.  I guess I just prefer the raw edgyness of new performers in contrast to the squeeky clean plastic chart acts.  Let’s hope Angel Haze (did you see her at Scala, London last week?) and Azaelia Banks dont sell out anytime soon.