Kat Dahlia – just a pretty name? New album 2013


Kat Dahlia - just a pretty name?

Kat Dahlia (real name Katriana Huguet) is the new lady on the urban scene with her sure-to-be hit ‘Gangsta’ and debut new 2013 album ‘My Garden’ coming out later on in the year.  I have a feeling this is another Jessie J situation – ‘release something edgy (ie do it like a dude) to get everyone’s attention then go mainstream’ – but hopefully Ill be proved wrong.

Kat is originally from Miami, both parents from Cuba, now based in NYC.  Signed to Vested in Culture and Epic.

I’m not 100% sure if its the pretty name and cool getup styling that I’m liking the most or the song right now – the tune ‘Gangsta’ is catchy but Dahlia’s voice can be a bit wobbly in parts.  Her vocals have a definate resemblance to Rihanna but a bit huskier.

Other songs include ‘Mirror’ and ‘Do Better’ which are softer tunes and less aggressive than ‘Gangsta’.  The girl definately has a unique sounding voice.   I cant find any UK dates for Kat right now but she’s supporting at HOT JAM 2013 in the US starring Kendrick Lamar & J COLE.