So Solid Crew.  The 10 year Reunion.  I was one of the people waiting for 8.59 to switch to 9.00 to buy my tickets back in January 2013 for one of the 6 shows in their 2013 mini tour.  On the one hand excited, but secretly expecting the night to be a failed attempt to raise funds for the ageing stars of the past after random appearances on reality tv show flops.   Either way, they’d got my attention and curiosity had got the better of me.  Tickets were bought for 21st March 2013 at the Indig02.

How wrong was I?

Doors opened at 7pm.  We arrived at 9pm only to enter what seemed more serious than security at Heathrow.  2 x-ray machines, 2 full body searches and 30 mins later we were finally allowed into Indig02.  Gossip going round in the queue was that Skepta (the supporting act – Too Many Man ) had been thrown out and was being refused reentry by security.  If anyone knows why please post below.

so solid stage

Into the main room and there was a DJ playing old skool garage anthems with regular shout outs to the crowd calling for the over 30s to cheer (oh yes now I remember this is a 10 year reunion).  Half the crowd are feeling the beats whilst there is a strange other half to the crowd, who look out-of-place, spectators not participants, mostly alone, camera phone at the ready … clearly there due to that same curiosity….. can So Solid pull it off again after 10 years?

The atmosphere is good, on the whole.  Security seems to be doing a good job; no stabbings or shootings at this gig … yet.  Aggro kicks off at the bar between 2 guys over a girl – security were there in seconds.  Good job Indig02.

At last the dj’s make an announcement and seamlessly with the mix Megaman, Romeo, Lisa Maffia, Oxide & Neutrino, Harvey and Asher D appear on stage – So Solid are doing it, and they sound amazing.  The crowd goes wild.

So Solid played all their hits – we definitely got out money’s worth.  The video for the tune being performed was played behind the guys on the decks at the same time – nice touch.  It was clear the crew members had been working hard (both in the studio and in the gym) for tonight’s performance.  I can honestly say – they smashed it.  Vocals were spot on (to criticize anyone Lisa Mafia was a bit Alesha Dixon – esque ‘shouty’ but then I’d never seen her live before so maybe that’s just her style).  Lyrics were delivered spot on – So Solid crew definitely still have what it takes to climb the charts.  The atmosphere in the venue was on fire.

Miss Dynamite made a guest appearance to sing her part in ‘Envy’.  An unexpected surprise which made the crowd go even wilder.  Miss Dynamite (who we’ll also be seeing when she plays support at Major Lazer next month at Roundhouse) rapped with immense presicion, the Girl still got it.

Every good performance saves the best til last.  21 Seconds to Go.  Live.  Immense.  Their most famous hit, guaranteed to get even a non garage believer moving, 21 Seconds.  Faultless.  Virtually the whole crew, with friends and family were on stage at this point.  They even got the little kids who did the intro ‘what you laughing at’ (who are no longer so little) on stage to introduce the hit.

So what will So Solid do next?  Any new material?  We’re sure of it.  The crew will be doing the rounds this summer with dates announced at Ibiza Rocks on 6th September 2013 at W.A.R! x Rinse FM with Skepta & So Solid Crew with oneman supporting. (buy tickets here )

These guys are seriously talented artists and after 10 years they truly delivered that talent, flawlessly.  We’re watching this space eagerly awaiting new material after so long.