What do Skepta , Bruno Mars and Daft Punk have in common?

skepta lay her down

I have a feeling had SKEPTA been allowed to re-enter INDIG02 when So Solid had their reunion last month (read about it here) we may well had seen this performed live.  ‘Lay her Down’ is the newly released single from the UK London Grime artist SKEPTA featuring Kano, from the forthcoming album ‘Konnichiwa’.  Not only is SKEPTA looking HOT (check out those guns) but the video is seriously cool with the 80s styling.  Think roller disco meets Camden Indie scene meets 80s movie Heathers.

Kano’s rap makes it though – without it the tune would sound way too mainstream.  SKEPTA has definately done a 180 here – there’s no deying that.  Same old story – record label pushing him into the charts for the masses – BUT – it is actually quite a good tune in its own right.  SKEPTA first came on the scene with the UK grime anthem ‘Too Many Man’.  Edgier and grittier than ‘Lay Her Down’ – and we hope there’s more to come like this, but for now ‘Lay Her Down’ will be big for summer 2013.

We’re currently seeing a massive 80s trend with this summers new releases.  Daft Punk have crept back into the music scene with a new release ‘Get Lucky’ (#1 in 55 countries) with the help of lucky charm, Pharrell Williams.  Daft Punk have a new album out after 8 years called ‘Random Access Memories’.  You cant help but listen to this summer tune and feel nostalgic, or maybe thats just because Im an eighties baby?

It seems Bruno Mars has also jumped on the 80s Motwon bus with new single ‘Treasure’ from his current album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox‘.  I cant find an official video so please paste the url below if you find it.  ‘Treasure’ is what you’d expect from Bruno – its his style but with a bit more of a Jackson 5 edge.  A safe little number that any wedding dj could throw on to keep the crowd swinging from side to side – it will definately appeal to all ages.  Sweet but safe.

To any Breakbot fans to think Bruno’s tune sounds remarkably similar to Breakbot’s tune ‘Baby I’m yours’, here’s what Breakbot’s Thibaut Berland had to say “To those who think that it’s just a coincidence, or that “we are both inspired by the same artists”, let me just tell you that Bruno asked my label if he could cover “Baby I’m yours” a few months ago and we said no. Then he recorded “treasure”. To be perfectly honest, I’m not mad at all, if anything I am rather flattered that someone selling millions of mp3s is interested in my music.”  Watch their video below to decide for yourself.  Eitherway Breakbot wins the prize for coolest 80s video.